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    File: 1483874698653.png (35 KB, 765x758)
    35 KB
    I found the "super secret moderation board" now let me the fuck in.
    File: Capture.PNG (5 KB, 565x171)
    5 KB
    >>120 (OP)
    Here's proof, I think you should let me in as a reward for finding it.
    Do it for free.
    Do what for free? I just want in the sekrit club.
    Only janitors who do it for free get sekrit club.
    that shouldn't be too hard
    how much traffic does a place like this get anyways?
    We don't keep track of our traffic but with the recent activity boost we """might""" be looking for a janitor or two if it continues.
    do you have any base qualifications that you are looking for like a general understanding of code or would just anyone be able to be one?
    All you need is spare time to check 3chan regularly and understand what sort of posts to delete or ban.

    Knowing how to code won't make it more likely to get hired as a janitor but more likely to get hired as a dev.
    Seriously if you know any php contact me.
    I can do some css work for new stylesheets and stuff
    If you make any stylesheet that is really good I might add it.
    What about Javascript?
    Help with updating the 4chan extension menu to look like the up to date one would be appreciated. (Only when it's been implemented.)

    Seriously they really need to update the github repo.

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