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3chan's server has been upgraded! Everything should load faster now.

The poll is over, /cuteboys/ won the poll with 27 votes, /l/ with 24 and /tech/ with 21.
/cuteboys/ is open for posting right now.

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File: DINOOO.png (13 KB, 256x236)
13 KB
The flags on the spic board are shit, 99,9% of the times they're just "???"
>>324 (OP)
>>324 (OP)
Not high priority atm but it is on my list of things to fix.

When will the Bans feature be added?
>>307 (OP)
We already have a ban system but it needs rewriting. I will get around to rewriting it eventually.

File: 21c.jpg (33 KB, 661x960)
33 KB
Are you the same guys who owned https://3chan.io/ ? This site seems totally different.
sorry if off topic
whats this over here and why does this tor site redirect to 3chan
plz dont ban im not trying to spam here (just curious what this tor site is)
262 get now with dubs
I have no idea who setup that onion website.

File: tyler.jpg (18 KB, 400x400)
18 KB
hahahahahah how the fuck do you not have an https certificate hahahaha nigga use letencrypt nigga just use certbot hahahah

File: thJQ4MK96K.jpg (11 KB, 177x176)
11 KB
Need a manga/anime board.
>>211 (OP)
Wait for the next board poll and vote for it. Until then just post on /b/.

File: 1553226472397.jpg (46 KB, 408x895)
46 KB
hey mods you got your fucking style sheets mixed up
I just tested it on this board, and it seems to work, so the problem might be limited to /int/
Selecting Tomorrow enables Burichan, Janichan enables Tomorrow, Yotsuba enables some homebrew rounded version of Yotsuba, Yotsuba B enables Yotsuba, Mitsuba enables Yotsuba B, Futaba enables some lime theme, etc.
I also ran a dead imageboard in the past, and I also ran into a similar problem to this while adding stylesheets and shit, but I forget what caused it

anyway here's my waifu his name is Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler say something nice about him
>>235 (OP)
This is because of the hispachan theme that /int/ has by default. I guess I will make the hispachan theme global to fix the issue.

And an unexpected choice for a waifu which is always nice to see.

File: cover.png (851 KB, 1400x1400)
851 KB
Your site is pretty cool, I just had a minor question.
How is an image board of this sort administrated? How specifically do you deal with CP spam, other than deleting it? Since you are legally in a little bit of trouble if you see a crime and don't report it, do you have to call the local cops every time you delete CP? Do you submit anonymous tips? How does it work?
Sorry for the late response, any illegal content posted is deleted and the poster banned. We don't submit any information to any authorities unless requested, which to this day no such requests have been made.
as for the late reply the owner is working on things irl and with 3chan's code. I think there back in a couple days normally though

File: c.jpg (29 KB, 294x336)
29 KB
Where is the code for this site? Is this it?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Would you mind posting the code that is currently running on this site? It looks a lot like Tiny IB but with more features.
It's not production ready afaik
When I've finished updating and fixing things I will make it open source. And the source code is miles ahead of Tiny IB.


File: custom tripcodes.png (2 KB, 214x84)
2 KB

I want to see how interested everyone is in this idea.

The idea is that people can possibly pay to change how a tripcode comes out.
Please tell me what you think of this idea.
Look who it is again, ID Heaven. I'm fed up with your shit faggot. The other day when you called me a newfag, yeah, haven't forgotten about that yet. Fuck you I've been on here for months and probably get on here more than you anyways. Don't you know that you make yourself look like a newfag when you call others newfag? Just because you learned how to hack your name and change it to "Heaven" does not give you the right to disrespect anyone at any time.
Fatboy Slim is fucking in heaven.
good one

File: 2019-02-26 17-29-53.png (687 KB, 900x1446)
687 KB
Add an overboard
Update 4chans extension
Update PHP (5.2 is old af)
Add custom JS
>Add an overboard
I'll think about it
I'm not the one whos doing that
>Update 4chans extension
Working on it
>Update PHP (5.2 is old af)
Also working on it
>Add custom JS
I might try and do that after the 4chan extension has been implemented.

File: 236A179C-AEEA-4F01-B3BD-0(...).jpg (178 KB, 1280x720)
178 KB
maybe an "experimental" public beta board would be a good idea for testing new features

then bugs can be ironed out quicker

File: e3c46429ec0feaea2d460e187(...).jpg (13 KB, 284x284)
13 KB
-Add a (You) to the "Anonymous" in your posts and when someone quotes a post made by you.
-Add dice roller.
-Add a "## OP" capcode, so the OP can identify himself on his thread.
-Fix the "Ghost ban" bug.
-Add more banners.
-Add Oekaki.
-Add a textboard.
-Add a button to expand all images on a thread.
-Add color to the ID's so they can highlight more.
-Add a button to hide a whole thread and other to hide his image only.
1. I would love to but I don't know enough javascript to do that but if you do feel free to give it a go
2. I will try again to get it to work.
3. I think tripcodes are good enough for this.
4. Already been fixed if it is still happening please contact me.
5. >>>2 (OP)
6. I don't feel like it would be used enough but if enough people want it I will try and add it.
7. I would love to but I doubt it would be very active.
8. I don't know enough javascript to be able to do something like that.
9. Another feature I'd love to have but I don't know enough javascript.
10. Javascript again.

If anyone knows javascript please get in contact.
don't do the first one, that'd involve storing cookies

and that means for us EUtards that we would have to have cookie banner spam
has the english leave /sb/ spammer been banned yet
also sorry for offtopic and necro

File: 3chan-logo.png (5 KB, 300x100)
5 KB
The actual logo seems to be made on paint, haven't you considered using a better logo?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
this is my personal favorite
Added to the homepage as rotating
personally I love this logo as someone who uses RGB SCART for their PS2 lol (PS2slimfags get out)

File: 155051088146224.png (15 KB, 300x100)
15 KB
3 / 4
File: rrrrr.png (12 KB, 300x100)
12 KB
sorry didnt mean to make a new thread

File: 1550360311981.png (59 KB, 800x764)
59 KB
Delete all spickposts on every board except /sb/ and disallow and spickposts on all boards except /sb/. /sb/ exists for a reason, don't let the spicks post anywhere else.
>>84 (OP)
I do agree with this so from now on all posts spanish posts outside of /sb/ and /b/ will be deleted.
why did /sb/ even exist in the first place? it brought nothing good here
>>50 (OP)

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