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A new board poll is now open!

After the poll has finished /pol/ & /504/ will be put into archive mode. And remember you can add your own choices to the poll.
Random/No-Topic/Shit Post boards will be ignored.


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File: 2019-02-26 17-29-53.png (687 KB, 900x1446)
687 KB
Add an overboard
Update 4chans extension
Update PHP (5.2 is old af)
Add custom JS
>Add an overboard
I'll think about it
I'm not the one whos doing that
>Update 4chans extension
Working on it
>Update PHP (5.2 is old af)
Also working on it
>Add custom JS
I might try and do that after the 4chan extension has been implemented.

File: 236A179C-AEEA-4F01-B3BD-0(...).jpg (178 KB, 1280x720)
178 KB
maybe an "experimental" public beta board would be a good idea for testing new features

then bugs can be ironed out quicker

File: e3c46429ec0feaea2d460e187(...).jpg (13 KB, 284x284)
13 KB
-Add a (You) to the "Anonymous" in your posts and when someone quotes a post made by you.
-Add dice roller.
-Add a "## OP" capcode, so the OP can identify himself on his thread.
-Fix the "Ghost ban" bug.
-Add more banners.
-Add Oekaki.
-Add a textboard.
-Add a button to expand all images on a thread.
-Add color to the ID's so they can highlight more.
-Add a button to hide a whole thread and other to hide his image only.
1. I would love to but I don't know enough javascript to do that but if you do feel free to give it a go
2. I will try again to get it to work.
3. I think tripcodes are good enough for this.
4. Already been fixed if it is still happening please contact me.
5. >>>2
6. I don't feel like it would be used enough but if enough people want it I will try and add it.
7. I would love to but I doubt it would be very active.
8. I don't know enough javascript to be able to do something like that.
9. Another feature I'd love to have but I don't know enough javascript.
10. Javascript again.

If anyone knows javascript please get in contact.
don't do the first one, that'd involve storing cookies

and that means for us EUtards that we would have to have cookie banner spam
has the english leave /sb/ spammer been banned yet
also sorry for offtopic and necro

File: [laughs in goddess].jpg (45 KB, 361x379)
45 KB
Hilarious and pathetic you'd advertise this shithole on an actual good website.
What "good" website?
apparently the admin was advertising on some website called 3chan
.io? that shithole was a load of fuckballs compared to this

File: 3chan-logo.png (5 KB, 300x100)
5 KB
The actual logo seems to be made on paint, haven't you considered using a better logo?
6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
this is my personal favorite
Added to the homepage as rotating
personally I love this logo as someone who uses RGB SCART for their PS2 lol (PS2slimfags get out)

File: 155051088146224.png (15 KB, 300x100)
15 KB
3 / 4
File: rrrrr.png (12 KB, 300x100)
12 KB
sorry didnt mean to make a new thread

File: 1550360311981.png (59 KB, 800x764)
59 KB
Delete all spickposts on every board except /sb/ and disallow and spickposts on all boards except /sb/. /sb/ exists for a reason, don't let the spicks post anywhere else.
I do agree with this so from now on all posts spanish posts outside of /sb/ and /b/ will be deleted.
why did /sb/ even exist in the first place? it brought nothing good here

File: 1545732887763.gif (159 KB, 712x514)
159 KB
Is not working properly.<br /<<br /><font color=#255ef9<<b>Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚'>━━
473;━━━ !!!!</b<</font>
Should be working now.
Sorry for the wait I've been very busy.

Your fortune: Excellent Luck
test<br /><br /><font color=#4e31fc><b>Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger</b></font>
they'd broke again.<br /><br /><font color=#f46e1a><b>Your fortune: Excellent Luck</b></font>

File: LjjVzGV.gif (968 KB, 300x272)
968 KB

File: lb3394820723.jpg (25 KB, 510x330)
25 KB
here you post what you recommend to be on this chan, whatever it is.
From a new style, to new boards or utilities. just post it.
Please, if you are going to recommend something, post adding [R] in the and of the subject to make it easy for our mods when they watch what you prefer!
|4| things [R]
A fix please the dark mode, some things are very very bright, the text zones are the most.
Options in all the boards, i don't even know where they are, they aren't in /b/ and /sb/ the most important boards right now. (also, it isn't even clear in the zones where here it is.
Make a new draw thread, not a zone where you request and post things, a DRAW thread. something like "pinturillo" "draw it" or "pixelcanvas". and, this can be in pair with the fourth thing
Make a thread that appears and disappears, something like: it opens on 10 PM and closes on 2AM, only on saturday. (for example, this don't need to be the exact time)

File: kd1389473.png (6 KB, 179x172)
6 KB
Hi folks! we are the guys in your /b/ talking in mexican spanish. I'm one of the guys actives in there, we have decided to DESUest for an union of our forces, the admins from here, we can publicitate this chan, and you can do it with OUR chan. Doing that we can increase considerably the traffick from both sides.
if we are going to do this, we have just 1 DESUest: MAkE 2 special boards for us. one named /rol/ and other named /sb/, the first will be for doing roleplaying, we don't have one in our site, so that will help a lot and make this site more important, and, the /sb/ will be /SpanishB/ or /SpanishBoard/ so we don´t fill your english board with our morón idiom.
That´s it. Peace and "LARGA VIDA ZETA PUTA"
11 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Upload it to pastebin or ghostbin and I will try and add it.
Here's it.
Also, can you change the title of /sb/ to "Tablón Hispano" and the button of Delete Post (that appears as "Suprima Poste"'> to "Borrar Post"?, it's because it looks better that way.

File: 1532741471038.png (99 KB, 746x512)
99 KB
add dark theme in settings
pic unrelated
scroll to the bottom and look at the right of the page
File: 1546933418390s.jpg (2 KB, 125x120)
2 KB
thanks i was looking in the setting DESU

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
The ED article about 3chan was originally for this site and it sucked
I'm not sure what the point of ED is. Their perDESUal negativity means that they sometimes have to muster a defense for the most unlikable people, simply because the article subject had a spat with them.
ED often has articles about stuff that you can't find records for elsewhere

File: 3cd8a33a.png (133 KB, 500x282)
133 KB
Fuc off with your pedo shit go to another altchan fgt
Lol what

Also lol ie6 error page on 404
And honestly the cp should go to 4chan so it deteriorates even more than the shithole that it is now
I hope just the illegal shit gets deleted here..... unlike 4chan.

A new feature has been added to 3chan... emotes!

Please give your suggestions, feedback and thoughts on this new feature in this thread.
With this feature I'm trying to make sure that it isn't a replacement for reaction images instead it's there to add more to your posts just like bbcode and markdown.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
File: jew hands wario.png (87 KB, 800x779)
87 KB
pic related/10
File:  .png (214 KB, 798x794)
214 KB

windows 10 is for fags
real men use xp

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