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The second trial board poll is now live! Click here! for the poll.

For the thread about the poll Click here!

New theme added Mitsuba.


The second trial board poll is now live! Click here! for the poll.

For the thread about the poll Click here!

New theme added Mitsuba.


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Welcome to /3/ - Site Discussion.

This board is for meta topics only. If you want to discuss other things or shitpost take it to /b/ or /i/.

NSFW posts are allowed only if its related to the site; i.e. if you post an image of posts with nsfw content.

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This poal is setup to accept user submitted answers.
wouldn't mind moderating a /tech/ board of some sort, but I doubt I'd get how to moderate a chan tbh.

/linux/ is a bit too specific of an option.

File: 3chandotco.png (4 KB, 300x100)
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We're accepting banners and images for pages like the 404, 403 and ban page. Post what you've made here.

And a reminder that not everything that is posted will be accepted.

The image must include text saying 3chan.
Don't make images for the 404, 403 and ban page too big.
Banners must be 300x100. No exceptions!
50 KB
i think someone already made this image (did this from scratch) but i think it fits the 3chan style good enough
if you need the text to be better contrasted, shoot me up a text
File: banner1.jpg (12 KB, 300x100)
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File: banner1.jpg (13 KB, 300x100)
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Scratch this one out
Thanks for the contributions so far guys.

It wasn't mentioned in the op but we are accepting stylesheets and emotes.

A new feature has been added to 3chan... emotes!

Please give your suggestions, feedback and thoughts on this new feature in this thread.
With this feature I'm trying to make sure that it isn't a replacement for reaction images instead it's there to add more to your posts just like bbcode and markdown.
this is really cool and unique

How cute do I look?
File: jew hands wario.png (87 KB, 800x779)
87 KB
pic related/10
File:  .png (214 KB, 798x794)
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windows 10 is for fags
real men use xp

File: 175875083474.jpg (36 KB, 1024x1365)
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let's get a test thread going
File: 1542256217329.png (20 KB, 225x225)
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to test what?
whenever stuff breaks I assume and/or needs testing.


Encyclopedia Dramatica has an article on 3chan.io which should be rewritten for us tbh

Maybe we'd be one of the few things they'd LIKE
The ED article about 3chan was originally for this site and it sucked

File: 3cd8a33a.png (133 KB, 500x282)
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Fuc off with your pedo shit go to another altchan fgt
Lol what

Also lol ie6 error page on 404
And honestly the cp should go to 4chan so it deteriorates even more than the shithole that it is now

107 KB
that's a good board to have
The only way it's coming back is if there is enough people wanting the board.
I suggest making some threads on /i/.

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